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From Reactive to Predictive: A Shift in Facilities Management Practices

HIGH PERFORMANCE BUILDINGS HPB By Brian Ratcliff The adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and related technologies has exploded in recent years, bringing with it major implications for building management. Today’s businesses are rethinking the way they operate their facilities, using IoT and analytics to transform operations from reactive to predictive-based. Forward-thinking facility managers are….READ [...]

Instructions: eVideo Resource Library Post

1) Identify your video on YouTube (only) 2) While on the YouTube page with the corporate vendor or manufacturer’s Video shown above, see the arrow pointing to the right beside the word “Share” 3) Click on “Share” and then click on “Embed” 4) Embed text ‘code’ will be shown. Click on the word “COPY” in [...]





How sustainable hotels are conserving water

Hotel News Now By  Sean McCracken   A typical hotel uses a lot of water in a day, between serving guest needs and essential back-of-house operations such as laundry. But failing to properly manage that use, and reduce it when possible, is a problem and a top obstacle for hoteliers and hotel companies focused [...]

Hotel Preventive Maintenance: The Essentials

Hospitality Net By Lillian Connors, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Bizzmark Committing to preventive maintenance in the hotel industry involves an extensive knowledge of the hotel’s systems, equipment, and utilities, as well as the most effective routes of intervention. Above all, care must be taken not to interrupt the flow of hotel guests. Out of all [...]

5 tips to combat human trafficking in hotels

Hotel Management by Elliott Mest | Putting an end to human trafficking in hospitality requires a conscious effort from on-property staff, and from check-in to check-out there are a laundry list of indicators hoteliers can look for and best practices they can implement to save victims and catch traffickers. Here are five steps hotels can take today…READ MORE…

Marriott International Has Trained 500,000 Hotel Workers to Recognize the Signs of Human Trafficking

Hotel News Resource Marriott International today announced that, as of this month, it has successfully trained 500,000 hotel workers to spot the signs of human trafficking in its hotels and how to respond if they do, marking a watershed moment in the global fight against this multinational crime. “Human trafficking is a horrific form of [...]

Cost Effective Cuts

Facilities Management Journal – by John Rimer How Little O&M Energy Use Adjustments Can Yield Big Savings – For the past decade or two, the latest and greatest advances in design methodologies and sustainable products have garnered much of the attention and headlines. However, many FMs may be continually perplexed by the millions of dollars [...]

The Development of ISO Standards for the Unique Needs of Facilities Management

Facilities Manager By Theodore J. Weidner, Ph.D., P.E., AIA, CEFP, DBIA There are hundreds of standards used to design facilities, ranging from those discussing how to protect human life from fire, electricity, high-pressure steam, or other hazards, to those conveying procedures to ensure load-carrying capacity to resist the forces of gravity, wind, earthquakes, and snow [...]

When Diversity and Inclusion Become Second Nature

Facility Manager – November/December 2018 By Matt Adams, P.E. It can be said that the move toward diversity started in 1964 with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. If you can’t remember it from your history class, this act prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, [...]

Resilience In HVAC Design

Facility Executive – By Eric Nyenhuis Rome was not built in a day, and neither is resilient HVAC infrastructure. It requires vision, focus, and collaboration bringing together varied expertise around common goals such as efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance, and lowest total life cycle cost. Resilient infrastructure provides the ability for an organization to carry [...]

Cost Effective Cuts – How Little O&M Energy Use Adjustments Can Yield Big Savings –

Facilities Management Journal - by John Rimer For the past decade or two, the latest and greatest advances in design methodologies and sustainable products have garnered much of the attention and headlines. However, many FMs may be continually perplexed by the millions of dollars spent on technologically advanced energy conservation projects while…READ MORE    

Nuvola launches new preventive-maintenance tool

Hotel Management – by Esther Hertzfeld | Jan 16, 2019 Nuvola released the latest edition of its preventive maintenance and asset-management intelligence tool. The release creates a new avenue for monitoring the status of assets in addition to scheduling, assigning and closing work orders in a user-friendly digital format…With the simple scan of a QR code or existing asset barcode, hotel [...]

The Economic$ of Smoke Alarm Replacement

Lodging Engineer – Fall 2018 Tom Daly – The Hospitality Security Consulting Group, LLC Starting in 2020 hundreds of millions of smoke alarms in commercial buildings including hotels, motels, lodges and inns along with time-shares, apartments, condos, dormitories, board and care facilities, assisted living facilities and similar residential and institutional buildings will require replacement under a [...]

How Are Facilities Teams Using Technology Today, And In 2019?

Facility Executive – December 18, 2018 –  Survey data in a newly released “Facilities Technology Trends & Buying Best Practices” report shows a nearly unanimous (99%) belief of facilities decision-makers that the importance and use of technology will only continue to grow. Released by ARC Document Solutions, the industry research reports insights into the evaluation and [...]

Marriott Breach — What Happened, How Serious Is It And Who Is Impacted?

Forbes - Kate O’Flaherty Hotel group Marriott has suffered a massive data breach affecting the records of up to 500 million customers. In a statement today (30 November) the firm revealed its Starwood division’s guest reservation database had been compromised READ MORE…

Hot Water’s a Comfort Priority

Lodging Engineer – Fall 2018 – Issue #31   Watts Water Technologies, Inc.   Facility managers at Marriott AC Portland Downtown decide to install a digital thermostatic mixing station for the hotel’s domestic water system. READ MORE  

Hot Water’s A Comfort Priority

Hot Water is a Comfort Priority Watts Water Technologies, Inc Lodging Engineer Fall 2018