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June 1, 2016 – NAHLE has revised our Engineering Training Programs to include a new online Learning Management System (LMS). Examinations and all training materials are now administered by our new training partner, Litmos. 

Candidates are sent an initial registration email where you are asked to create your own unique Password. Using your own personal email address for your Username and the Password you create, candidates may access their exams and the individual training modules that make up our courses for both the CCE or CDOE.

Exam Access – Candidates that were registered after June 1st, 2016 use our new secure LMS and may access their account and exams using the following URL. We suggest you bookmark this page.

LMS Candidates May Click Here To Access Your Exams


Pre-June 1, 2016 Candidates – If you are still completing your exams using our older system administered by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) you may access your exams as found below:

Click Here

To Take Your Certified Chief Engineer (CCE) Exam.

And Here

To Take Your Certified Director of Engineering (CDOE) Exam.


Instructions – All exams are ‘open book’ and do not require a Proctor or someone be present.

You may take your exams anywhere you can access the Internet and anytime day or night.

Both PCs and MACs work to take exams.


CCE                                                          CDOE

There are three (3) CCE exams.                    There are two (2) CDOE exams.

Each CCE exam is 90 minutes.                      Each CDOE exam is two (2) hours long.

Section 1 – Management                                 Section 1 – Management, Safety & Health

Section 2 – Building Systems                          Section 2 – Building Systems, Envelope & Grounds

Section 3 – Building Envelope, Grounds,

& Pools/Spas


Professional Development Through Continuing Education

NAHLE’s strategic goal is to advance engineering professionalism in the hotel & lodging industry through uniform education and training.

There is an ever present need within the hotel engineering community to provide uniform education and training programs specifically tailored for hotel engineers and maintenance personnel. Recognizing this need, the National Association of Hotel & Lodging Engineers is offering a study guide for both full service and limited service properties. The program is self paced and once you are ready for the exam you may take it online, never having to leave your office. Our educational partner is the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Lodging Association. They are the premier leaders of providing education and training to the hospitality industry recognized worldwide. NAHLE’s curriculum is intended to be comprehensive and covers subjects such as building systems, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lighting, landscaping, swimming pools, vertical transport, etc. to name a few. And, upon completion of the online test you will designated by NAHLE as a:

1) Certified Chief Engineer (CCE) for limited service property engineers (See CCE program) and, as a:

2) Certified Director of Engineering (CDOE) for full service property engineers (See CDOE program).

It is the intent of NAHLE’s education mission to teach everyone on staff more about the environment in which they work thereby empowering each employee to better deal with the challenges associated with hotel engineering and maintenance. We intend to help you sort through all the information available on hotel engineering and turn information into knowledge.
Continuing education and training of the maintenance staff for any building, not just hotels, maximizes owner’s investment by protecting capital assets and increases guest satisfaction which equates to repeat business. For those of you already in the industry, accredited training provides a well-defined career path for advancement. And, for those of you wanting to enter the field of hotel engineering and maintenance, advance training provides a prospective employer a way to gauge your knowledge and commitment.

Webinars & eLearning

NAHLE co-hosted a webinar with Philips Lighting on recent DOE changes and new compliance regulations.

NAHLE is planing a series of webinars developed exclusively for hotel engineering and maintenance training distributed via the Internet for 2014. Got a subject matter in mind. Send us an email and we will look into your suggestion.  Our training will be available directly from our website and will only be available to our members. NAHLE envisions online delivery of educational content as a natural solution for workers who can’t get away from work or family for a regional seminar, but want to further their on-the-job knowledge through advanced learning and training. NAHLE training will teach one how to stay up with current technologies, reduce operating and maintenance costs and protect building assets by applying maintenance and engineering solutions to your daily job and the hotel property where you work.
Our Institute’s educational and training programs are tailored specifically for the hotel Chief Engineer and his/her staff of maintenance personnel. If you want to learn more about your area of specialty or aspire to become a hotel property Chief Engineer or Director of Engineering, NAHLE offers its members a number of educational and training opportunities focusing specifically on hotel maintenance and understanding the engineering theory behind the job. Helping you grow your knowledge base will also help you keep that competitive edge to succeed. No matter what your specialty is, NAHLE will have the curriculum, instruction, and prestige to boost your success!

The National Association of Hotel & Lodging Engineers are “Dedicated to Engineering Excellence.”