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Mission Statement

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NAHLE’ STRATEGIC GOAL: Advance engineering professionalism in the hotel & lodging industry through education and training.

Recognizing the ever present need within the hotel engineering community to provide ‘uniform’ education and training programs specifically tailored for hotel engineers and maintenance personnel, the National Association of Hotel & Lodging Engineers’ Institute will be offering curriculum and training packaged in eLearning modules designed for online delivery via the Internet. These modules focus on providing training for the numerous line-employees performing routine maintenance through the director of engineering managing a large full-service high-rise hotel. NAHLE’s curriculum is intended to be comprehensive and will cover subjects in small learning modules such as building systems, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lighting, landscaping, swimming pools, vertical transport, etc. to name a few. And, upon completion of all modules a NAHLE member may apply for the test of Certified Chief Engineer (CCE). It is NAHLE’s education mission to teach everyone on staff more about the environment in which they work thereby empowering each employee to better deal with the challenges associated with hotel engineering and maintenance.

Continuing education and training of the maintenance staff for any building, not just hotels, maximizes owner’s investment by protecting capital assets and increases guest satisfaction which equates to repeat business. For those of you already in the industry, accredited training provides a well-defined career path for advancement. And, for those of you wanting to enter the field of hotel engineering and maintenance, advance training provides a prospective employer a way to gauge your knowledge and commitment.


NAHLE is proud to announce they are developing exclusive hotel engineering and maintenance training for online distribution. Our training will be available directly from our website and will only be available to our members. Initially, our training will include a number of traditional educational offerings, including our series of programs being developed for online “eLearning.” Ultimately, NAHLE Institute envisions online delivery as a natural solution for workers who can’t get away from work or family for a regional seminar, but want to further their on-the-job knowledge through advanced learning and training. NAHLE training will teach one how to stay up with current technologies, reduce operating and maintenance costs and protect building assets by applying maintenance and engineering solutions to your daily job and the hotel property where you work.


Our Institute’s educational and training programs are tailored specifically for the hotel Chief Engineer and his/her staff of maintenance personnel. If you want to learn more about your area of specialty or aspire to become a hotel property Chief Engineer, NAHLE Institute will offer its members a number of training programs focusing specifically on hotel maintenance and understanding the engineering theory behind the job. Helping you grow your knowledge base will also help you keep that competitive edge to succeed. No matter what your specialty is, NAHLE Institute will have the curriculum, instruction, and prestige to boost your success!


As NAHLE’s core strategy is to be at the forefront of hospitality engineering and maintenance education, our intent is to deliver knowledge to our members in various forums and formats including articles published in our newsletter, current product information, federal regulations, national codes and standards and industry best practices. In addition to providing eBooks and eLearning for both maintenance and engineering professionals such as yourself, NAHLE is developing regional 2-day training seminars designed to provide a comprehensive review for CCE examination.

NAHLE Institute brings all this information together into one single website location dedicated to the profession of lodging engineering and maintenance. Hospitality professionals will soon recognize NAHLE as the premier library for hotel engineering and maintenance information.We invite you to invest in your professional growth and the continued success of your hotel by attending one of our future training seminars, take an eLearning module or simply browse our online library.


NAHLE’s courses are being specifically designed to compliment the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute’s Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM) and Certified Executive of Engineering (CEOE) programs. Unlike the AH&LEI, NAHLE will not require verification of employment to become certified. NAHLE will also add core competencies to our certification programs focusing on the participant’s mastering of the knowledge base absent verified field experience. We ask that you continue your support of AH&LA and their Educational Institute for all your educational and advocacy needs.


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