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Certified Chief Engineer Training

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Certified Chief Engineer Program Overview

The CCE program has been developed with the input of several hotel management companies and industry professionals to provide a curriculum for hotel engineers and maintenance professionals of Select or Limited-Service Hotel Properties and other low-rise lodging facilities such as assisted-living and senior citizen lodging facilities. All program candidates are provided a complimentary membership to NAHLE and continuing access to our Study Guide and related curriculum materials.

All programs have newly added Appendices:

  1. U.S. Center for Disease Control - CDC / ASHRAE Video Webinar 
  2. "Reducing Risks of Legionella"
  3. Legionellosis Risk Management for Building Water Systems
  4. Orkin Video Webinar "Taking AIM at Bed Bugs"

CCE Program Provides an additional discussion of PTAC units with a detailed look at moisture infiltration and thru-wall penetrations not found in our CDOE program. Both of NAHLE’s professional curriculums are intended to be comprehensive and cover most all hotel building and lodging facility engineering subjects including: HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lighting, landscaping, swimming pools and vertical transport.


NAHLE now offers Online version of CCE program in Spanish!


Description: The Certified Chief Engineer (CCE) program is a self-paced professional 
development program for hotel engineers and maintenance professionals. The CCE 
study guide has been developed by the National Association of Hotel & Lodging 
Engineers in conjunction with numerous hospitality industry experts contributing as 
authors. NAHLE partnered with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (EI), 
Apple REIT, and Grainger to bring you this program.
The CCE program study guide,  “Hotel Engineering for Select Service Properties,” is comprised of 19 chapters and

265 pages plus an Appendix. The study guide has been recently revised to include a new Appendix chapter on

implementing a water management plan to reduce risk associated with Legionella.

Online Course Curriculum:

1) Tutorial (optional)

2) Online Study Guide, Appendix and Webinar Videos (required)

3) Practice Exams for each chapter (optional)

4) Sectional Exams (required)


The study guide is further divided in three sections with the following chapters:

Section 1) Management 

.    Introduction To Hotels

.    Prioritize Tasks & Time Management

.    Project Management

.    Environmental Health & Safety

.    Emergency Response Planning

      Maintenance of the Hotel                                       -        TEST SECTION 1


2) Building Systems

.    Plumbing Systems

.    Electrical Systems

.    Lighting Systems

.    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

.    Fire and Life Safety Systems – Mag-Card Locks

.    Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) Units

.    Vertical Transport Systems                                    -        TEST SECTION 2


3) Building Envelope & Grounds

.    Building Design & Construction – Low-Rise Wood Construction

.    Through-Wall Penetrations

.    Swimming Pools and Spas – Saline / Dehumidification

.    Integrated Pest Management

.    Outdoor Parking Facilities

.    Mold & Mildew

.    Webinar videos with Orkin and CDC/ASHRAE

.    Appendix: Legionella Risk Mitigation                     -        TEST SECTION 3


The CCE certificate program designation is achieved by successfully completing 3 Sectional exams or tests administered

on-line by Litmos a division of SAP. Each sectional test is comprised of numerous multiple-choice test questions drawn from

the Section’s individual chapters and the addition of our Appendix. A minimum passing score of 70% per exam is necessary

to successfully complete the program. Applicants may take each Sectional exam until they successfully reach a passing score.

All exams are open-book, meaning that candidates may refer to personal notes or books during their exam.

Candidates have one hour to complete each exam.

Upon successful completion of the three (3) required exams, candidates may download their certificate of completion as a pdf file.

Certificates are found under the Litmos drop-down menu “Achievements.”

All certificates are designed to print on most standard color printers using 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper.

Your certificate designates the candidate has successfully completed the core competency requirements to become a

Certified Chief Engineer.


Very truly yours,


Robert Elliott
National Association of Hotel & Lodging Engineers

P.O. Box 30844

Alexandria, VA 22310





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