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National Association of Hotel & Lodging Engineers

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    New York bans gas stoves, furnaces in new buildings

    May 10, 2023

    USA Today Gas stoves and furnaces will be banned from most new buildings in New York state under a new measure passed by lawmakers. The provision, included in the state’s budget bill passed Tuesday night by the New York Legislature, begins phasing in next year. The measure prohibits the installation of fossil-fuel equipment in buildings [...]

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    Evidence points to improving job market in senior living, economist says

    McKnight’s Senior Living “There’s evidence of improvements in the job market for senior housing,” Beth Burnham Mace, National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care chief economist and director of outreach, said Tuesday during the organization’s latest online Leadership Huddle.  READ MORE

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    Rising AI and machine learning investments powering senior care advancements

    McKnight’s Senior Living Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to make their mark on nursing home and assisted living communities, with both technologies being implemented in health and safety tools for residents, as well as for streamlining staffing and operations. It’s perhaps no surprise then that investment in AI and ML in healthcare rose over [...]

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    How facility managers can keep up with code standards

    FacilitiesNet As institutional and commercial facilities try to reduce carbon emissions in their efforts to slow climate change, facility managers are tasked with the job of accomplishing that as efficiently as possible. Decarbonization and electrification are buzzwords in the facility world these days, and some managers are still coming to grips with how to best [...]

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    Prioritizing responsible materials in hospitality design

    Hotel Executive There are many factors that go into the interior design process of a hospitality space. From budgetary considerations and logistical planning to branding and amenity selection, what is most important to the design is elevating the guest experience.  READ MORE

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    AH&LA Safety & Security Committee


    Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas produced by fuel burning appliances like water heaters, fireplaces, fixed space heating equipment, diesel and emergency generators. Fossil-fueled automobiles can also create exposure when in an enclosed space such as a parking garage. When fuel burning appliances are properly installed and maintained, these sources present extremely low risk. To ensure the safety of guests and employees, hotel operators must follow these best practices: Read More: