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    Integrating Technology into Existing Senior Living Facilities

    October 21, 2020

    FACILITIES NET By Alexis Denton and Alexis Burck Sustainability features and new technology — like advanced monitors and better lighting technology — should be considered when renovating or upgrading existing facilities. Existing senior living communities, more than two-thirds of which were built before 2000, are competing with new buildings better suited to what the market wants. [...]

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    A Look At Propane For HVAC Systems

    October 20, 2020

    FACILITY EXECUTIVE by By Bryan Cordill   Saving energy, money, natural resources, and reducing their impact on climate change are at the top of the list for many facility management leaders. This focus is driven, in part, by the fact that commercial buildings consume a significant portion of the world’s total energy supply. In fact, the [...]

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    What Happens to Building Knowledge When Facility Managers Leave?

    BUILDINGS Smarter Facility Management 10/02/20 COVID-19 has been tough on facilities teams. The global pandemic has called for extra sanitation measures, increased ventilation and keeping building occupants apart as much as possible. That’s on top of the usual constant stream of tasks that facilities managers deal with. To complicate matters even further, many companies have [...]

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    Senior care and comfort extends into maintenance

    August 31, 2020

    McKnights Longterm Care News by Josh Malbogat, Senior Living Director at TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions We are in the midst of a senior living housing boom and maintenance has a big role in the success and growth of these communities. One of the most critical aspects as these residences flourish is the care and safety of [...]

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    5 Important Tasks for Reopening Buildings During COVID-19

    BUILDINGS Magazine By JANELLE PENNY Buildings that closed during the COVID-19 pandemic are now facing a long to-do list. Shuttering facilities for weeks creates all sorts of consequences—some predictable, like the need to screen visitors for COVID-19 symptoms, and some you may not have anticipated, like potential issues with your water. Make sure these five things are in [...]

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