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    US safety agency to consider ban on gas stoves amid health fears

    January 23, 2023

    Bloomberg A federal agency says a ban on gas stoves is on the table amid rising concern about harmful indoor air pollutants emitted by the appliances. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission plans to take action to address the pollution, which can cause health and respiratory problems.  READ MORE

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    The threat of lithium battery fires is real!

    McKnight’s Senior Living As power sources for electronic equipment, appliances and devices used in senior living communities and nursing homes become more sophisticated and battery technology advances, the threat of a lithium battery fire is always a possibility. Equipment used by the maintenance crew, environmental services department and clinical teams for sanitation and infection control [...]

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    Preventing burst pipes in your facility

    Cleaning & Maintenance Management It never fails: Winter arrives; pipes burst. On the surface, burst pipes appear to be a given for the season — but it’s not an inevitable event. Burst pipes are preventable.  READ MORE

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    How to uphold a consistent level of cleanliness

    Buildings A facility should promote comfort and safety, as well as consider the well-being of those who enter it. This means implementing a maintenance team or service that can uphold a consistently high-quality level of cleanliness. A facility that is regularly cleaned and maintained not only helps to improve workflow and positive attitude among employees [...]

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    Building automation services: Challenges, benefits and opportunities

    FacilitiesNet Building automation systems (BAS) are important to keeping institutional and commercial facilities up and running efficiently. But how much do maintenance and engineering managers know about their BAS? Managers can often misunderstand, overlook and misuse their systems, sometimes to the point of avoiding them all together.  READ MORE

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    Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas produced by fuel burning appliances like water heaters, fireplaces, fixed space heating equipment, diesel and emergency generators. Fossil-fueled automobiles can also create exposure when in an enclosed space such as a parking garage. When fuel burning appliances are properly installed and maintained, these sources present extremely low risk. To ensure the safety of guests and employees, hotel operators must follow these best practices: Read More: