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    Prevent costly repairs with envelope maintenance

    June 19, 2024

    Facilities Net The main reasons facility managers should maintain a building envelope are life safety, water tightness and efficiency. “You need to do things to improve water tightness and improve the integrity of the building, including putting on a new roof, restoring walls, replacing windows for energy efficiency, and upgrades that improve energy efficiency,” says [...]

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    The links between climate change and mold and mildew proliferation in commercial buildings

    Buildings Most of us have dealt with mold and mildew before. Brought into our homes by high levels of humidity, inclement weather or leaky pipes, what starts as an inconvenience often turns quickly into a serious problem. Mold and mildew have various effects on our health and wellbeing and can also erode property value if [...]

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    How are hotel rooms designed? Here’s how Hilton gets guest spaces check-in ready.

    USA Today As I walked down the halls of the upcoming Printing House Downtown Nashville, Tennessee, hotel, I stepped around cardboard boxes and cables. But as I entered a guest room on the 11th floor in late April as part of a hard hat tour, the dusty concrete floors gave way to clean, wide planks [...]

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    6 skills facility managers need to showcase

    Facilities Net On the surface it might seem a facility management professional and a NASA astronaut do not have much in common. Upon closer examination, however, the skills and abilities performed by facility personnel are not particularly different from what a NASA search committee looks for in a potential astronaut. It is really a matter [...]

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    Key tips for building envelope maintenance

    Facilities Net Building envelopes in institutional and commercial facilities are like a suit of armor, protecting the six sides of a building — the ground floor, the four walls and the roof, from outside hazards. Building owners and facility managers must know their envelopes inside and out and make sure they stay in good condition [...]

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