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    Cameras found in hotel rooms of Madison students on a school trip

    December 16, 2019

    ISTHMUS by Dylan Brogan December 12, 2019 Madison East High students found several hidden cameras in their hotel rooms while attending a recent school-sponsored conference in Minneapolis… READ MORE

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    Strategies for Engaging the Maintenance Workforce

    November 28, 2019

    FacilitiesNet – By Laurie A. Gilmer, P.E. Engaged technicians can help managers revamp a department’s image and drive an organization’s success. Facility managers have a few strategies they can use to engage their departments’ supervisors and front-line technicians: The vision-mission link. Connect the vision of the organization to the mission of the facilities department. Help the [...]

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    “Robot Rooms”: How Guests Use and Perceive Hotel Robots

    HOSPITALITY NET By Rohit Verma and Lina Zhong Robot-assisted hotel services get generally high marks in a study of guests at 88 hotels in China. Guests reported making fairly frequent use of the robots, primarily for such relatively simple functions as turning on the lights and turning off the TV. Chief problems occur when the robot cannot recognize [...]

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    How To Solve Your Single-Use Water Bottle Issue

    Buildings Magazine – October 2019 Single-Use Water Bottle are a major environmental problem. Americans throw away over 60 million every day. One 12 precent are ever recycled. All because we don’t trust our… READ MORE 

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    Key Components of Fire Protection Systems

    FacilitiesNet Fire-protection and life safety systems include building exit systems, fire-alarm systems, and fire-suppression systems. FireFire-protection and life safety systems include building exit systems, fire-alarm systems, and fire-suppression systems. Fire-prevention codes specify the proper maintenance and repair of these systems. Fire protection involves the installation and use of structural and operational systems to minimize the [...]

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