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Piecing it together: Hotels turn to modular construction for savings in money and time

Idaho Business Review    The hotel rooms at a new dual-branded Marriott Hotel near Los Angeles, which is scheduled to open 2018, will be framed, drywalled, carpet, and furnished 840 miles away in Bose, Idaho. The structure will be a modular hotel, made of blocks that were created over the course of six months on the [...]

4 trends to watch in building energy management

IFMA’s FMJ Magazine Predicting the future of any industry is practically impossible; however, certain energy management trends within commercial buildings have the potential to shape the future of energy management and influence the role of the facility manager. Here are four worth watching.  READ MORE

5 Legionnaires’ Disease Cases Connected to Graceland Hotel

The Associated Press via U.S. News & World Report  Health officials say five people have been diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease in connection with an outbreak at the hotel at Graceland. The Shelby County Health Department said last week four people were diagnosed with the illness after staying at The Guest House at Graceland, located on [...]

Damaging Social Media Reviews Inspire Hotels to Solve ‘Sleepless’ Night Syndrome

Lodging Engineer Online trip advisory reviews have ushered in a harsh new business environment for hotels, motels and inns that live or die less night? . If a guest had a lousy night’s sleep due to exterior noise from traffic, railroads or activity at the swimming pool, do not be surprised if the manager is the last to know. Viral grousing has [...]

How will current politics affect facility management?

BUILDINGS After the unprecedented electoral victory of Donald Trump, the political climate in the U.S. has been in a state of flux. As the president fills in cabinet and department positions, enacts his agenda and navigates the tumultuous waters of the current political climate, the commercial building industry awaits Washington’s concrete actions and their wide-ranging [...]

New NFPA rules for fire pumps in high-rise buildings

FacilitiesNet One of the fastest elevators in the world carries passengers up to the 124th floor observation deck at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in about one minute. Unbeknownst to most who tour the world’s tallest building, there’s a separate “fireman’s elevator” — the longest-traveling service elevator in existence and just one of the fire [...]

How to improve your hotel’s energy efficiency and save costs

Hospitality Net The past several decades have seen an increased focus on the importance of sustainability and green practices by hoteliers worldwide. Today, sustainability has permeated nearly every aspect of the hospitality industry and has become a business imperative. Having said that, going green doesn’t mean giving up on luxury amenities.  READ MORE

Lodging Engineer Receives 2017 Best of Alexandria Award

June 1, 2017 – Press Release Lodging Engineer has been selected for the 2017 Best of Alexandria Award in the Media & Entertainment category by the Alexandria Award Program. Each year, the Alexandria Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies [...]

Damaging Social Media Reviews and Lost Revenue Inspire Hotels to Solve ‘Sleepless’ Night Syndrome

Lodging Engineer –  Online trip reviews are playing an increasing role in how would-be guests are selecting your competition’s hotel. If your guest are complaining that loud street noise is keeping them up, there is something you can do. Soundproof guestroom windows provide a solution that can be installed from the guestroom’s side without impacting [...]

1st Person Interview with Glenn Hasek

Lodging Engineer –  NAHLE visits with the editor of Green Lodging News. Glenn Hasek shares his views on sustainability in the hospitality environment as well as insight into sustainable trends for hotels and the lodging industry. READ MORE

HVAC manufacturers welcome Trump’s tax reform efforts

FMLink – The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute welcomed President Donald Trump’s effort to reform the nation’s tax system, which has not been significantly reformed since the Reagan Administration. The current depreciation period for capital HVACR and water heating equipment is set at 39 years in the tax code, in some cases more than double [...]

Hotel bathroom design trends for 2017

Lodging – Hotel bathrooms have come a long way from plain, white spaces used merely for wash and go. After all, they are among the most important rooms in our living areas. Their design, layout, and overall look have changed and improved dramatically over the past years to become spaces for stylish comfort and relaxation [...]

Marriott adopts modular construction

USA Today – Marriott International, the largest hotel company in the world, is betting big on modular construction to drive its growth in North America. The Bethesda, Maryland-based company expects to sign 50 hotel deals this year that would incorporate prefabricated guestrooms and/or bathrooms. That would make up about 13 percent of signings for North [...]

New System Uses Wi-Fi to Help Hotels Catch Bed Bugs Early

CNBC – Source: Fifteen Beacon Hotel A new Wi-Fi enabled system promises to help hotels find and eliminate bed bugs without the help of exterminators. AIM, a product developed by a company named Delta Five, promises a 98 percent success rate. It monitors a bedroom using internal cameras and, as insects are lured to an embedded [...]

Carbon monoxide at hotel pool suspected in Michigan death

CNN -  A teenage boy died and 14 other people were hospitalized after guests at a southern Michigan hotel were found unconscious around an indoor pool. Fire officials said they believe the cause was carbon monoxide poisoning.

Prevent and prepare for springtime pests

Buildings -  Warm weather is on the way, but it brings increased pest activity from insects, arachnids and other annoying invertebrates. It’s easier to prevent nuisance bugs from establishing an infestation, but if they’ve already invaded your facility, don’t panic. Get to know the most common springtime pests and determine how to deal with them [...]

Why HVAC/PTAC age and condition matters more than you think

Hotel Management -  Nobody enjoys spending money when they don’t have to, but hotels do just that all the time. When a packaged terminal air conditioner or heating, ventilation and air conditioning system component breaks on property, leadership turns to engineering to find out if the device in question can be salvaged or if a [...]

Pest management at the building envelope

Facility Executive -  When facility managers consider their pest management responsibilities, they often think exclusively about work needed inside the building to keep rodents, insects, and other unwanted visitors away from employees, guests, and customers. However, much of the work in the fight against pests occurs outside the building envelope.

Historic hotel, revolving door retrofit

Facility Executive – Several years back, the Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, underwent a complete lobby renovation. This provided the opportunity for the hotel to improve energy efficiency by reducing demand on the HVAC system, while boosting the aesthetics of the hotel lobby. Chosen for the project was the…

Marriott CEO says more hotel mega-mergers are likely

Skift Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson concedes the company’s “hands are full” integrating Starwood, but he doesn’t believe the hotel chain is “done forever” in terms of mergers and acquisitions. “We’re not going to go out and try to create the opportunities at the moment,” Sorenson said. “If opportunities pop up, we’ll have to assess [...]