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What to look for when buying disinfection solutions for senior care settings

iAdvance Senior Care Wheelchairs, commodes, carts and more are used daily in senior care communities, posing an ongoing cleaning and disinfection challenge. Senior care communities must meet standards for cleaning and disinfecting such medical equipment but given staffing shortages, stretched budgets, and increasing quality of care metrics, the challenge of meeting these standards is only [...]

Why hotels are saying goodbye to plastic key cards

nside Hook Travelers are accustomed to checking into a hotel and receiving a shiny plastic keycard. Since 1978, electronic plastic keycards have become standard for hotel guests, who can access their rooms with a simple swipe or insertion. But as single-use plastic is being eliminated from properties, the plastic keycard has become an antiquated tool. [...]

Electric phase loss: Challenges and solutions

Facilities Net We’ve all experienced power outages. They can be stressful, frightening, and costly. Common causes of power loss are environmental conditions such as severe wind, lightning strikes and storms, wildlife, trees and vehicular accidents. Read More

Hotel developers balance dreams with reality in today’s lifestyle-driven era

Hotel News Now via CoStar How hotel firms frame projects and brands has a huge influence on developers and owners, especially in an era in which the definitions of lifestyle and experience are broadening. Common sense must be applied, though, according to panelists speaking at the Hotel Investment Conference, Central & Eastern Europe, better known [...]

The evolution of facilities management in 2024

BDC Magazine The last few years have seen significant changes in legislation and regulations within the FM space. These changes in the industry have forced a shift in priorities and duties for those working in facility management in 2024 and beyond. Read More

Debunking cleaning automation myths

Cleaning & Maintenance Management Cleaning floors in industrial and commercial spaces, such as warehouses, airports, retail stores, hospitals and schools, is a time-consuming task. Fortunately, the use of autonomous floor-scrubbing robots can make these tasks dramatically more efficient and cost-effective, thanks to significant product innovations in machine learning, engineering and artificial intelligence. Read More

A comprehensive guide to ready your commercial property for the winter season

Buildings New Hampshire gets an average of 174.35 inches of snowfall per year. While not all states will fight such a harsh snow battle, winters always demand careful preparation for commercial property owners. As the colder months approach, consider these three stages to ensure a successful snow season and fortify your property against winter’s harshness. Read [...]

Is senior living prepared for the incoming wave of middle-income older adults?

McKnight’s Senior Living Is senior living going to be prepared for the incoming growth of middle-income older adults? Read More

Transitioning into the facility management field

Facility Executive Facility management is a complex role, and facility managers often need a combination of technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, and commercial know-how to perform their job effectively. So, how can organizations help employees transition into a facility management role? Doing this successfully requires work from both the organization and the individual. Read More

Queensgate hotel to become senior living facility, first in neighborhood

Cincinnati Enquirer Throughout its 60 years in Queensgate, the building that now houses the Quality Inn and Suites has been home to several different hotel chains, cocktail lounges and dance clubs — including one of the hottest discos of its era. Read More

Connecting travelers and local communities through hotel design

Hospitality Net The travel industry has seen a sharp increase in bookings both abroad and domestically. With more travelers planning trips, jet setters are looking less for “touristy” experiences and more for authentic stays that focus on the local culture. Read More

Senior Lifestyle CEO: ‘huge opportunities to buy’ communities in 2024

Senior Housing News Senior Lifestyle CEO Jon DeLuca thinks that 2024 will not be the senior living industry’s year for new development. That said, he is not pessimistic about the road ahead. Read More

Ready to step up your game?

McKnight’s Senior Living It’s no secret that senior living professionals are being challenged as perhaps never before. Whether it’s workforce management, dealing with competition, finding sustainable growth or some other hurdle, operators have their hands pretty full. Read More

The benefits and challenges of facility electrification

FacilitiesNet There is a growing need for both efficiency and sustainability for a facility’s operations. Given this, many facility managers want to know what methods or paths are available to them to achieve these two goals. One possible route forward is through electrification. Read More

Why cybersecurity is a brand concern

Hotel Management Cybersecurity is an increasingly pressing concern and hotel brands are particularly susceptible to cyber threats. The vast quantities of sensitive guest information that hotels process, and the increasing reliance on digital systems and online platforms, provide malicious actors with a host of potential vulnerabilities to exploit. Read More

Proper storage, care, and training for extended mower lifespan

FacilitiesNet Proper storage and care are two important factors managers must consider in hopes of extending the performance life of mowers. Read More

9 ways facility managers can leverage AI

MultiBrief Exclusive: Sheila Kiley With an expected CAGR of 7.73 percent through 2030, the facility management services market should reach a total value of more than US$1,323 billion by decade’s end. One of the driving factors for continued growth in the sector is artificial intelligence in facility management. Discover nine ways AI is impacting commercial real [...]

Southern California hotel workers go on strike

LAist Thousands of hotel workers in Los Angeles have walked off the job, potentially dealing a major blow to the city’s tourism industry. Contracts between UNITE HERE Local 11 and 61 hotels including the Beverly Hilton and Ritz Carlton expired at midnight on June 30. Read More

Deliberate actions protect senior living communities from fire, safety issues

McKnight’s Senior Living At the most basic level, senior living communities provide residents, staff members and visitors a safe and secure environment of care and services. Implementing and maintaining acceptable levels of life safety and security in those types of communities, however, is not “basic” at all. Read More

New York bans gas stoves, furnaces in new buildings

USA Today Gas stoves and furnaces will be banned from most new buildings in New York state under a new measure passed by lawmakers. The provision, included in the state’s budget bill passed Tuesday night by the New York Legislature, begins phasing in next year. The measure prohibits the installation of fossil-fuel equipment in buildings [...]