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The role of VR in building maintenance

REMI Network In the world of smart technology, have we advanced to the point where VR has a role in building maintenance? Virtual reality has been around for almost half a century, most often associated with entertainment, but it is making its way into office spaces and building maintenance as an effective tool for operators.  READ [...]

Prep for the next heating season with unit inspections

Buildings With spring on the horizon, it’s almost time to shut down the heating units and crank up the air conditioners. While the next heating season is still over six months away, it’s important to ensure you are taking the proper steps to maintain your unit during the offseason. After remaining operational throughout the winter [...]

Prep for the next heating season with unit inspections

Buildings With spring on the horizon, it’s almost time to shut down the heating units and crank up the air conditioners. While the next heating season is still over six months away, it’s important to ensure you are taking the proper steps to maintain your unit during the offseason. After remaining operational throughout the winter [...]

New LEED updates focus on energy efficiency, emissions reductions

FacilitiesNet For more than two decades, LEED has been the most recognized sustainability certification system in the buildings industry. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has constantly changed and updated its signature rating system to ensure its relevance and place as a leadership standard. Just in the last five years, more than 41,000 projects — [...]

Recruiting new employees: 4 worker pools to pursue

FacilitiesNet If facility managers feel like there are fewer workers to fill maintenance technician positions to be found these days, rest assured, that is correct. A decrease in the rate of births, declining since the 1970s, coupled with decreasing labor market participation, more job openings, a shortfall of immigrants and a surge of retirements, is [...]

Hotels and sustainability: Are the two together a priority for consumers?

Lexology Sustainable hotels are those that significantly reduce their environmental impact through green best practices in maintenance, services, logistics, products and supplies. These core elements revolve around reducing waste, saving energy and cutting down on water usage. There are a number of luxury brands developing sustainable hotels. These hotels are espousing sustainable initiatives such as [...]

Best standalone memory care design of 2022: An ‘infinity loop’ with connections to nature

Senior Housing News Nestled in the outer suburbs of Greater Philadelphia is a memory care community where residents can take in the outdoors and walk to their heart’s content. The community, Meadowwood in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, recently expanded with a new roughly 19,000 square foot memory care building that added 20 units of memory care and [...]

Improve facility safety by lessening the effects of VOCs on lighting

Cleaning & Maintenance Management Volatile organic compounds are ubiquitous in every commercial and industrial facility — as well as in homes, cars and any indoor environment containing rubbers, silicones, greases, paints, cleaning supplies, building materials and furniture. Most of the time, the presence of VOCs goes completely undetected. However, these hidden chemicals can wreak havoc [...]

US safety agency to consider ban on gas stoves amid health fears

Bloomberg A federal agency says a ban on gas stoves is on the table amid rising concern about harmful indoor air pollutants emitted by the appliances. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission plans to take action to address the pollution, which can cause health and respiratory problems.  READ MORE

The threat of lithium battery fires is real!

McKnight’s Senior Living As power sources for electronic equipment, appliances and devices used in senior living communities and nursing homes become more sophisticated and battery technology advances, the threat of a lithium battery fire is always a possibility. Equipment used by the maintenance crew, environmental services department and clinical teams for sanitation and infection control [...]

Preventing burst pipes in your facility

Cleaning & Maintenance Management It never fails: Winter arrives; pipes burst. On the surface, burst pipes appear to be a given for the season — but it’s not an inevitable event. Burst pipes are preventable.  READ MORE

How to uphold a consistent level of cleanliness

Buildings A facility should promote comfort and safety, as well as consider the well-being of those who enter it. This means implementing a maintenance team or service that can uphold a consistently high-quality level of cleanliness. A facility that is regularly cleaned and maintained not only helps to improve workflow and positive attitude among employees [...]

Building automation services: Challenges, benefits and opportunities

FacilitiesNet Building automation systems (BAS) are important to keeping institutional and commercial facilities up and running efficiently. But how much do maintenance and engineering managers know about their BAS? Managers can often misunderstand, overlook and misuse their systems, sometimes to the point of avoiding them all together.  READ MORE

Maintenance best practices for geothermal heat pumps in hotels

Green Lodging News Energy consumption in the hotel industry is high, even when compared to other commercial sectors such as hospitals and schools. The truth is hotels and motels make for inherently energy-intense buildings, primarily due to the nature of the business and guest behavior. As such, hotel management is always seeking ways to maximize [...]

Design strategies to promote wellness in urban hotel environments

Hotel Executive The layout and organization of spaces, outdoor access, visual appeal, and lighting all have a tremendous influence on people’s mood and frame of mind. The emotional fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened our focus on mental health and well-being as designers.  READ MORE

Healthy buildings: The role of predictive maintenance

IFMA’s FMJ Magazine IoT allows FMs to identify problems sooner and resolve them more efficiently. While data can provide much-needed analytics and guide operations, predictive maintenance remains the key to healthy buildings.  READ MORE

US hoteliers gradually make headway against labor shortage

Hotel News Now via CoStar The pain of labor shortages is starting to ease somewhat from the summer months, but hoteliers still face staffing shortfalls, concentrated largely in the housekeeping and culinary departments. Hoteliers are benefiting from a loosening labor market as perks such as higher salaries, retention bonuses, finder’s fees for new workers, more [...]

Proposed changes could double budget rate increase for affordable senior housing providers

McKnights Senior Living A proposed change in how operating costs are calculated for affordable housing communities is projected to double the annual budget rate increase for those providers in 2023. Reacting to “historically high” inflation, the Department of Housing and Urban Development published a notice in the Federal Register proposing changes to the calculation of [...]

Smoke sensors help reinforce policies at hotel

Facilities Net Hyatt Place Miami Airport’s management struggled to identify unauthorized smoking and enforce the hotel’s no-smoking policies when guests complained of nearby smoking. The hotel’s General Manager, Craig Haas, tapped FreshAir Sensor as a solution to these challenges. FreshAir’s immediate detection and smoking alerts have resulted in enhanced no-smoking enforcement processes, reduced smoking violations, [...]

Supporting maintenance beyond work orders

Facilites Net No one said maintenance would be easy. Day in and day out, maintenance and engineering managers and their staffs face complex challenges that range from supply-chain problems and tight budgets to growing workloads created by aging facilities and mounting pressure to adapt to and embrace new technology.  READ MORE