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Preventing commercial laundry room fires in senior living communities

McKnight’s Senior Living The risk of fire in senior living communities is ever-present. Specific areas of operation, including commercial laundry rooms, are more vulnerable to fire than others. A series of fires occurring in senior living properties recently have made the …READ MORE

Demand surges for Latitude Margaritaville communities as brand seeks westward expansion

Senior Housing News In the months after the pandemic hit last year, demand for the Latitude Margaritaville brand of 55-plus communities inspired by Jimmy Buffett surged — and it hasn’t slowed down since. “For Minto and the brand, we had a very successful and strong sales year last year, and we’ve seen that spill over [...]

Fire-Resistance-Rated Assemblies In Existing Buildings

Facility Executive By Bill McHugh For some reason, fire-resistance-rated assemblies and their components have been forgotten in existing buildings. Maybe it’s that some believe sprinklers will stop the fire. Maybe they believe fire won’t happen in their building. Maybe they just don’t know how important fire-resistance-rated assemblies are?….READ MORE

10 Steps to Creating Proactive Facilities Maintenance; Part 1 of 3

FacilitiesNet How to change over a facility management operation from reactive to proactive. The way that facilities are managed can range from whack-a-mole maintenance to well-oiled-machine, and everything in between. If you find yourself in the position of having to “fix” a less than dialed-in facility maintenance program, it can seem quite overwhelming. You might [...]

Tapping into the skills and experience of older workers

Facilites Net Few topics dominate conversations among maintenance and engineering managers more often than staffing. Failing to find, train and retain enough qualified entry-level technicians is threatening the productivity of many departments and the quality of the work they perform.  READ MORE

In an ‘employees’ world,’ senior living providers increase flexibility for workers

Senior Housing News Senior living operators are offering employees more control over when and how often they work in an effort to stem a historic labor market. In the wake of the period known as the “great resignation,” employee flexibility is a trend that is impacting much of the workforce, just not senior living.  READ MORE

In an ‘employees’ world,’ senior living providers increase flexibility for workers

Senior Housing News Senior living operators are offering employees more control over when and how often they work in an effort to stem a historic labor market. In the wake of the period known as the “great resignation,” employee flexibility is a trend that is impacting much of the workforce, just not senior living.  READ MORE

DOE reverses Trump-era plumbing water use standards

Facilities Net Water conservation remains a high priority for maintenance and engineering managers looking to help their organizations control utility costs, achieve sustainability and wellness goals, and protect the health of facility occupants and visitors. Now managers are getting support from the federal government in the form of a policy reversal.  READ MORE

Cogeneration cost incentives to aid hotel industry in coming years

Green Lodging News Energy costs are soaring, forcing countless hotel owners and managers to search for more cost-effective, clean energy alternatives to the traditional power grid. Unsurprisingly, the adoption of distributed power generation is also rising — especially in the combined heat and power (CHP) market, which is expected to reach $35.2 billion by 2026.  READ [...]

Smaller buildings can benefit from building automation systems

ACHR News Small- to medium-sized buildings — usually considered to be under 50,000 square feet — make up about 94 percent of all commercial buildings in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Yet, only 13 percent of those buildings have a building automation system.  READ MORE

Next steps in cyber secure lighting

Facility Executive As connected lighting steadily gains ground, “turning on the lights” increasingly means not just illuminating employee desks and workspaces, but tapping into a network of advanced control technology capable of collecting data useful for functions ranging from improved worker comfort and enhanced energy efficiency to smarter utilization of building space and resources.  READ MORE

Roof recovery or replacement?

Facility Executive The need to repair a building’s roof is a situation that is all too familiar to many facility owners and managers. Still, undertaking such a large capital project like a roof repair can be hard to navigate. While costs may vary between recovering a roof or replacing a roof, it is important to [...]

Assisted living rates grew 4.65% in 2021 as operators grappled with expenses

Senior Housing News Assisted living rates rose in 2021 as the senior living industry continued to get a handle on the Covid-19 pandemic and its many pressures on operations. The cost of assisted living for a resident increased 4.65% in the past year, with a median of about $4,500 per month or $54,000 annually for [...]

3 solutions to help with labor stability and supply chain certainty in a challenged construction environment

Construction Dive Here we go again — another day, another bother. Construction leaders are waking up to yet another morning with a list of issues that doesn’t seem to get shorter. It’s not that construction hasn’t always been challenging, but two years of juggling market instability, labor challenges, supply chain uncertainty and project backlogs is [...]

AHLA’s 2022 State of the Industry report forecasts uneven and volatile recovery

Lodging Magazine The hotel industry will continue moving toward recovery in 2022, but the path will be uneven and potentially volatile, and full recovery is still several years away, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA)’s 2022 State of the Hotel Industry Report. The report, which reveals shifts in consumer and business sentiment, [...]

Is VRF the HVAC solution for your hotel?

Buildings 800 North High Street is a highly modern building in more than one way. It’s a fixture of Columbus, Ohio’s Short North Arts District, a neighborhood known for promoting local businesses and culture. The 10-story, 150,000-square-foot mixed-use building is home to a coworking space, two restaurants and Marriott’s new, modern hotel brand, Moxy.  READ MORE

Best assisted living design of 2021: Luxury senior living reaches new heights in Maplewood’s NYC highrise

Senior Housing News On Manhattan, New York’s Upper East Side sits a highrise building with a design rivaling some of the Big Apple’s most exclusive apartments. But the building isn’t a condo complex or a storied apartment — it’s a senior living community.  READ MORE

How to implement a successful outsourcing program

FacilitiesNet Outsourcing maintenance services is playing a necessary role in business operations right now as the pandemic continues. However, there are certain factors that facilities managers should take into account before signing on the dotted line. It is essential that managers find the balance between the outsourced services and optimizing operations, and the only way [...]

SENIOR Act proposes $10B sustainability fund, workforce development programs for assisted living

McKnight’s Senior Living Legislation to address labor challenges and create a $10 billion sustainability fund for senior living providers is expected to be introduced today. U.S. Reps. Lori Trahan (D-MA) and Brian Fitzpatrck (R-PA) are set to sponsor the Argentum-proposed Safeguarding Elderly Needs for Infrastructure and Occupational Resources (SENIOR) Act, which would create $1.25 billion [...]

Is your facility ready for winter?

Facilities Net Proper maintenance and preparation are the key to being ready for even the worst winter storms. Severe winter weather can vary from below normal cold temperatures and ice storms in southern cities to heavy snow or ice dams in northern states that can wreak havoc on commercial properties.  READ MORE