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NAHLE Updates CCE & CDOE Programs  

Enters partnership with Litmos to provide new Learning Management System

for Online Training & Examinations 

2017 UPDATE!

CCE – NAHLE recently revised our Certified Chief Engineer (CCE) training program for hotel engineers and maintenance professionals. Our new Learning Management System (LMS) now provides an online version of our select-service study guide in addition to the printed copy they receive. Among other new features, engineers may now take a Practice Exam after reading each individual chapter before moving to the next chapter for study or they may choose to take all of the practice exams for a section in one sitting similar to the Section Exams they are required to pass. According to Robert Elliott, executive director of NAHLE, “Our CCE exams are now administered from a new LMS software platform. Though, we still work with the AHLEI and are grateful for their initial input and guidance, we find Litmos’ LMS offers several new features and benefits not found in our initial training program. We used to just send the candidate a study guide and a letter explaining how to use their own personal Username/Password so they could access online both their exams and another feature that helped track their hours of study. But now, our curriculum seems to have no boundaries. The possibilities seem endless as we have only scratched the surface. Our new LMS allows us to easily add reference documents, videos, surveys, to name just a few. For example, we recently provided a free webinar with Orkin on combatting bed-bugs in hotels. NAHLE recorded the webinar and a video file is now available as a supplemental reference to our chapter on Integrated Pest Management. I think the possibilities are endless and will grow over time as more companies that supply hotels their building systems become involved in the training the very person(s) that are responsible for maintaining these assets on a daily basis. Sometimes just the right decision of whether or not to handle the situation in-house with staff or to seek input from a third party such as the manufacturer or hotel management company can have a tremendous impact on the useful life of that asset.” 

CDOE - The Certified Director of Engineer, NAHLE’s training program for full-service hotel engineers, is also now residing under our new LMS. The CDOE study-guide has also been revised to include a new chapter providing an overview of hotels and how they operate. We have also added an index to assist candidates in their study and as future reference tool to quickly find information on almost any hotel engineering subject. Currently in development, NAHLE will be adding two practice exams to match the two required Sectional Exams. The CDOE practice exams are also intended be used as a tool to help the candidate assess their knowledge going in and then as a comparison upon completion of the program.

Course Content and Discussion:

Tutorial -  Each program provides the candidate an initial registration email describing how to access their personal online account with NAHLE’s LMS. The online training programs both offer a course entitled “Tutorial” providing more detailed instructions.

Curriculum -


There are three (3) CCE exams.

Each CCE exam is 90 minutes.

Section 1 – Management

Section 2 – Building Systems

Section 3 – Building Envelope & Grounds


There are two (2) CDOE exams.

Each CDOE exam is two (2) hours long.

Section 1 – Management, Safety & Health

Section 2 – Building Systems, Envelope & Grounds


Requirements: Candidates will need access to a computer, either PC or MAC, with access to the Internet using a current browser such as Google Chrome or Safari. Candidates will also need to have an email account. If they do not have an email account, NAHLE can assist the candidate in obtaining an email address or even set up an account using NAHLE’s server.

Our programs are currently only available in English.

Exams - All exams are ‘open book’ and do not require a Proctor or someone be present while taking your examination. Candidates may use their study guide while taking their exams. All exams are timed. CCE candidates are provided 90 minutes (1 & 1/2 hours) to complete each exam and CDOE exams are 2 hours. Typically a chapter will have five (5) to seven (7) questions. All questions are multiple choice. A brief survey is provided with each exam asking the candidate to approximate their hours of study and provide constructive comments to improve the program.

You may take your exams anywhere you can access the Internet, 24/7, anytime day or night.

Both PCs and MACs work to take exams.

Click Here To Access Your Exams:

All exams are administered by NAHLE/Litmos.

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