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National Association of Hotel & Lodging Engineers

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Start A Local Chapter

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NAHLE Invites Formation of Local Chapters – Leadership Wanted 

Call us if you are interested. 703-922-7105

NAHLE is still growing and with your participation and it is our goal to develop local chapters to advance regular meetings with your fellow engineers, GMs, and vendors.

We will help you schedule a preliminary meeting to help get you started and develop some leadership during your initial startup phase.

NAHLE will provide you a website for you to manage.

We will also provide you access to our network of services including a local online job bank, our magazine, Lodging Engineer, and discounts for NAHLE’s certification programs.

If you are interested in developing a chapter in your area, please call or write to:


NAHLE believes the field of hotel engineering and property maintenance is best handled through a combination of leadership, knowledge, and experienced personnel all targeting one goal: engineering excellence.

The primary goal of this association, the National Association of Hotel & Lodging Engineers, is to provide its membership, you the lodging engineering professional, with services that will enhance both your professional development and contribute to improving the day-to-day management of your property’s assets.

The National Association of Hotel & Lodging Engineers is here to serve you!