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9 Ways to Avoid Legionella

Implement a water management plan without ballooning your budget: Are you taking Legionnaires’ disease seriously enough? The summer 2015 outbreak in New York City that killed 12 people and sickened over 100 more underscores the danger to your building occupants (and your reputation) if Legionella risk isn’t managed carefully. Because Legionella is a building water [...]

The Top 5 Markets for Hotel Development Right Now

Hotel development is expected to reach historic peaks over the next several years, but which are the markets most worthy of developer attention? HOTEL MANAGEMENT spoke with Patrick “J.P.” Ford, SVP and director of business development at Lodging Econometrics, to determine the top five markets where hotels should be looking to grow and why.   5. [...]

Keys to Recruiting the Next Generation

By Kate Donnelly: The facilities management industry is approaching the edge of an imposing cliff. As its workforce ages and nears retirement, facilities management professionals are looking down a steep drop-off in fresh talent. JLL reported that facilities management professionals are on average older than the general working population, averaging 49 years compared to 43 years [...]