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Legally Speaking: Hotels Hold No Liability for Unforeseeable Injury

In a recent lawsuit, a meeting room at the Commerce Plaza Hotel in California was rented by several men as a “polling place for a presidential election.” The hotel did not inquire and so did not know anything more about the event. At the request of the renters, the hotel contracted with the security company [...]

Are Your Hotel Amenities Attracting Uninvited Guests?

Lodging Engineer – In a world where social media and instantaneous online customer reviews, it only takes one pest sighting to negatively impact your hotel’s reputation. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs coupled with stringent sanitation and facility maintenance help prevent pest problems before they occur. READ MORE

Will hotel room keys and desk check-in soon be obsolete?

CIO - Starwood Hotels, a hotel chain with over 1,200 properties worldwide, is eliminating pain points for guests by offering digital room keys, mobile check-in and functionality through an Apple Watch app. It’s also allowing hotel managers to make pricing decisions based on a new analytics system. Read More

How the hotel industry benefits from energy storage

Hotels typically spend 30% to 50% of their utility bill on ‘Demand Charges.’ As battery storage technology improves and new players such as Telsa enter into the storage market, an increasing number of hotels are looking to reduce their peak demand charges by combining analytical software with today’s safe and more reliable batteries.  GreenBiz  via Green [...]

10 ways to prevent building-associated Legionnaires’ Disease

Facilities Engineering Journal - Managing risks to the safety and health of your guests is one of the most important aspects of your job as a hotel engineer or maintenance professional. Taking a  preventive approach is key to minimizing the risk of infection from Legionnaire’s Disease. 10 proactive ways that can help you minimize the risk of [...]